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Adding Decorative Accents: A Beginner's Guide

by Steven Sawyer 10/20/2021

Decorative items can make an enormous impact on a room’s design. Whether used sparingly or to create chic, creative clutter, accessories are the way to upgrade a space and make it truly your own. However, it’s hard to know where to begin. How do you use decorative accents to create your own style without it feeling forced? Here we will go over some tips for simple ways to mix in decorative accents to any room.

Start With a Rug

Adding an area rug is a simple way to shift the entire style of a space in one step. In fact, area rugs can be a perfect decorative item to begin with in building style. Use the colors, patterns or motif of your rug to inspire your decor in the rest of the room. An over-dyed traditional rug might inspire a funky vintage theme or a bold geometric rug can serve as the base for a modern style.

Placement of rugs is also a way to add decorative flair. For example, you can choose whether to arrange furniture on or touching a rug or if you want it to be completely separate. You can use rugs to define transitions and separate spaces while also adding decorative appeal.

Furniture Can Be Decorative, Too

Furniture items are another way to add decorative appeal while adding function at the same time. If you already have the basic furniture needs covered in a room but want some extra style points, try adding in a smaller piece of furniture with a unique look. An easy example would be a small end table or even a bookcase. If you go for something in a bold color or finish that contrasts with the rest of the furniture, you’ll notice the immediate effect on the style of the room.

You can use these items as bases for other decorative accents, as well. What better place to add a fun vintage lamp or mini-sculpture than on an end table next to the sofa or in your entryway? The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Cluster Your Accessories

There is a fine line between decorative and cluttered. Covering every single surface in a room with small decorative accessories is tempting but may result in a lack of functional space. One great way to achieve the creative cluttered look without becoming overwhelmed is to group items together. For example, rather than add three individual small items to surfaces around the room, cluster them together on the same bookshelf. This is an excellent way to let your creativity flourish in decorating without accidentally adding chaos.

If you’re having trouble deciding what items to place together, try combining items with similar colors or finishes. Combine unexpected pieces of varying shapes and sizes for maximum visual appeal. You should always feel free to use personal items like photos or other memorabilia to make the space your own.

The first step in adding decor to a room can be the hardest to take. However, once you get started, you’ll find that your choices inspire new ideas for a space and can continue to inspire you throughout your future design projects.

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